Thursday, 2 March 2017

Writing down in the Enviro-Centre

The Enviro-Centre
One day Room Kauri went down to the Enviro-Centre. We went down there to look,hear,smell,feel and think.We were doing all those things because we were getting ideas for a poem.It was hard because bugs were hopping on us and  were distracting us while we were working.
We put all our ideas together and now we have tons of different ideas for our poems.It is really fun working down at the Envirocentre. I wish we could go down again to work.
By Miller


  1. Great experience. Room K From Scarlet-Rose Aitken

  2. Wow looks like fun, I hope you learnt all your senses.

  3. It look's like a phenomenal place to write about.

  4. Wow looks like fun,I hope you learnt all your senses.

  5. wow! looks like you all had a great time!